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First Chief Executive Officer and Lead Scientist, Michael Marley of Marley Laboratory (marleylabs.net). Lead scientists and company CEO are selected in 4 and 4 year terms, where competition is available and applied. We are a startup company, and have been developing technology for more than 3 years.

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Quantum Bell Inc.
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Check out updates to the RULE at the American theoryofrelativity.net; Both the extensible and modular are available.

About Quantum Bell Inc. and MarleyLABS

Quantum Bell is established in Florida 2018 as a Corporation; and is established to engage any and all lawful business. The board of Directors for Quantum Bell, has 5 managing operating units. MarleyLABS.net, Theoryofrelativity.net, and Quantunnel.com, Onsea.net. Those participating persons are assigned by operating unit. Each operating unit contributes to the scientific data set enabling the technology of Quantum Bell. Quantum bell does not use the United States are other patent systems because we are not permitted to do so. If the state of country where we are operating must know how the hardware is used or functions, we can provide details. That protection for scientific pursuit is established with consistency in the public domain, and dated material as part of a scientific data set and proprietary information held by the company, and among other observation. That insurance for logical interest is built up with consistency in the general population, area, and dated material as a feature of a logical informational index and restrictive data held by the organization, and among other perception. Quantum Bell Inc. Leverages the research and development at quantunnel.com and while discovering the ToTLR models, for advantages in research and development. The company is small, and is registered in the State of Florida. Recent acquisitions include the right to earn from income producing properties derived at spiderhunter.org, use of trade tools, discovered methods, and research. The spiderhunter.org website will be maintained as a trade company for the association of field surveyors, and early work achieving a library of research and practice as taught to interested persons. With agreement, Quantum Bell.org is not a contractor or franchise of spiderhunter.org; and is listed as a second enterprise using similar survey methods of a trade association, where both companies use the same tool with a purpose.

Project Offices

Quantum Bell Inc. has our first location for business. I will be Fabricating technology developments at the location and are planning to use the local area tarmac at daytona international airport and airfield to test flight concepts with other projects. The project location is on Bellvue Ave (Appropriate?) You can contact me via phone call or text message 3863163586. OSP Volusia is at this location. I posted the video of making the serving tray float without electricity, and will be working to make a truck float, and eventually, an abandoned US Navy Aircraft Carrier (about 50ft over the water and land). (Better FL DOD everyday.) The flight concepts and other projects are held by Quantum Bell Inc, as well as all acquiitions. The RULE Sciences will be studied at this location until I find a more suitable place or get funding for projects.

Income Models

The current income model at Quantum Bells Inc. is with the sales of products and services known to benefit the communities where we work. Spider hunter is an example of a product line developed by the MarleyLABS as a GOAL, and providing a service. Most proceeds and investment benefit the research done at the laboratory, and the defense of the individual.

News (Previous) 2017-2018 Annual Reports, 2018 Spider Hunter
  • Spiderhunter (Youtube channel)
  • Spiderhunter (Twitter channel)
  • Technology Foundation; Infrastructure Mapping and Forensics
  • Spider Hole Hunter (GPR, Ground Penetrating Radar and Tunnel or cavity mapping.
  • Enforcement of EM Deployments. (See uLINE services and EMF Field mapping.)
  • Field Experiements and Reconnassaince Support.
  • Scientific Proofs, uLINE and RULE; Medical Key Research. (www.governmentofanarc.com)
  • OIO; Scope Channel
  • Technology Foundation and Communications Research.
Quantunnel Qunatum Bell Inc. Technology of Magic and Radiation
  • The technology of Magic! QBI is analyzing the practical use of radio or electromagnetic environments for magic.
  • Magic is a natural ability of this executive. The conditions of Radiation, Electromegnetic Fields, and Chemicals can give the impression of Magical Ability. But is it really Magic? This research supports eccearcanum.com and weapons evalutions alleged to be magical enterprise.
  • This research is neccessary. If mankind should ever have a radioactive conflcit, magic is unavoidable for energy in the environment. Understanding these conditions helps me resolve uLINE and RULE problems in one area or another.
  • Eccearcanum.com offers magical assistance to some qualified persons, and recommends they install a fenceless dog fence for the practical appication of this research.
  • Check out some festivals making light of the conditions for radiation in another country. We can unplug some of the modern conditions, we can not unplug cosmic radiation or the to consequences of energetic warefare that are radio active; we must wait them out.
an ARK
  • Support group for this personal perspective of a garden belief. an Ark.
Science Teams GOAL Projects
  • Government of America
  • Government of Florida
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